Where Your Retailer Fits into Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your brand or products, you never underestimate the power of independent retailers. They are the closest to the consumer, and the chances are that your ideal customer is shopping with them. In fact, recent stats show that independent retailers account for 54 pc of all US consumer products sales. What’s more — American retail industry supports nearly 25 pc of jobs countrywide.

Increasingly, consumers are opting for local retailers when it comes to their shopping, with 82 pc supporting independent retailers especially mom-and-pops. Which begs the bigger question: how do these retailers fit into your marketing strategy? Herein, we are going to look at ways independent retailers can help spruce up your marketing strategy and boost your sales.

Customer Service

While it might seem simple, the truth is that today’s savvy consumers are likely to buy your brand or product again, and become loyal customers if you provide them with a better customer service than your competition. That’s where your retailer can come in handy. By making sure to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, retailers can paint a good picture of your brand/products.

Retailers that deliver compelling customer service and train their staff regularly are highly likely to boost your marketing strategy. For retailers, offering great experience goes beyond customer service, they should also effectively reward loyal and frequent shoppers as well as encourage repeat buys. Other perks like a discount, savings on futures purchases, and promotions can also count towards your marketing strategy.

But that isn’t all. The retailer should also be able to rethink its customer service when things don’t seem to go as planned. For instance, you can collaborate with the retailer so it can contact customers when your products are back in stock. You can also partner to offer a customer-friendly returns policy.

Expertise and Shopping Experience

Today’s customers, especially millennials, prefer to shop from “people” rather than faceless brands or big-box retailers. As such, most consumers value it when local retailers can provide them with expert advice or customized shopping experience. This can transform the buyer-brand relationship from purely transactional to something deeper and more satisfying. But, brands cannot do this without the help of the retailer.

The bottom line is that the retailer can showcase your value-added marketing strategies like video tutorials, on-site help, and so on right in the store.

Retailers Offer Exclusivity

How can you justify a higher price in a market that’s riddled with the competition? Turns out, today’s savvy consumers are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a product they can’t get elsewhere. This is where your retailer can become especially useful. By offering your product exclusively, your brand can stand out in a sea of competition, creating more buzz for your brand.

Marketing and Convenience

Offering convenience is one of the best ways to market a product or brand. Lucky for you, that’s what independent retailers stand for. They are basically around the corner, and buyers are willing to pay a little more for the convenience.

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