Top 3 Skincare Independent Retailers

There is something extremely satisfying in looking into the mirror and watching a glowing, flawless, blemish-free radiant skin staring back. It is no coincidence that healthy, glowing skin free from acne, pimples, eczema, and other skin diseases has a multiplier effect on our confidence and self-esteem. 

While, by default, most people resort to popular skincare retailers for their skincare needs, experience suggests that they don’t get the kind of service they need. The reason for this is not farfetched; popular skincare retailers have millions of customers to service and may not pay adequate attention to a college student complaining about her acne-laden skin, for example. You may want to navigate the road less traveled of independent skincare retailers for your skincare needs. 

Here are the top skincare independent retailers in the US of A.

100% Pure

If you are concerned about ethical standards in the production of skincare products, then look no further than 100% pure. This independent skincare retailer offers paraben, sulfate-free, USDA-certified organic products derived from cruelty to animals. Vegans especially will find their wide range of skincare products ethical to use as they contain no animal product.

100% pure offers customers free shipping on orders above $50; for every purchase made on their website, you help feed a stray dog as 100% pure has a working relationship with a local factory that produces vegan dog food. 100% pure ranks high because of its high ethical standard and strict adherence to eco-friendly, recyclable package for its products and the huge inventory of skincare products it boasts of.

True botanical

True botanical is further proof that nature has the solution to every skincare issue. This independent skincare retailer offers high-end, top-quality, plant-based skincare products to combat your skincare issues at affordable prices. Every skincare product from true botanical’s inventory is clinically proven, made from carefully selected toxin-free components by seasoned researchers from some of America’s leading universities and colleges. Some of True botanical’s bestselling products are renewed pure radiance oil, clear, pure radiance oil, renew chebula active immunity serum, etc.    


Osea’s skincare products were produced with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology using organic plant-derived materials clinically proven to promote healthy skin. With a wealth of experience spanning two decades, this family skincare retailer uses the environment-friendly method to harvest seaweed which is then combined with unadulterated essential oils to give your skin the glow it deserves. 

Osea is your one-stop center for premium, high-quality, vegan skincare products fortified with pure essential oils. Some of Osea’s clinically tested and proven products are Ocean cleanser, Hyaluronic sea serum, ocean cleansing milk, advanced protection cream, just to mention a few. 


Our top skincare independent retailers were carefully selected using customers centric parameters aimed at guiding potential customers in making the right choice. 

We do not intend to promote the above-mentioned independent skincare retailers. The goal is to expose customers to some of the unsung heroes of American skincare industries with innovative solutions against skincare issues and challenges.