Top 3 Beauty Independent Retailers

The global cosmetic and beauty industry is expected to grow from $511 billion in 2021 to $784.68 billion by 2027. Independent beauty retailers can benefit from this growth by tweaking their business models to focus on niches with a competitive advantage over industry giants. Independent beauty retailers should take advantage of the internet to bypass geographical restrictions to business and access overseas markets.

Here are the top beauty independent retailers in the US.


Bluemercury boasts of some of the largest collections of beauty products in the United States. There is a wide range of beauty products certified by seasoned professionals and experts to choose from, no matter your skin type and beauty needs. 

Enter summer by treating yourself to Bluemercury summer essentials which include bronzer, sunscreen, and many more. Whether you are looking for perfumes and scents that communicate class or high-quality lip glosses that are enough for everyone in California to use, you cannot exhaust Bluemercury’s huge inventory. 

Registered members enjoy free shipping on beauty products, free birthday treatments, and gifts, about a 3% discount on every $250 spent on their website, buy now pay later facility, etc. Apart from offers and promotions, Bluemercury’s efficient customer support services are one of its strengths. 


If your goal is to have perfect, blemish-free, healthy skin, you may want to explore follain and its clinically tested, dermatologists certified, high quality, and affordable beauty products. All of follain’s products are cruelty-free, EWG certified, synthetic fragrance-free, GMO, and gluten-free. There are special products for oily skin that efficiently controls oil, drastically reduces the appearance of pores to reveal fresh, radiant skin hidden beneath layers of pores and skin oil. There are also specially made products that dehydrate dry skin, fight against aging to usher a vibrant, youthful skin. 

For even skin tone, you may want to check follain brightening serum fortified with natural vitamin C to give your skin the even tone it deserves. Follain’s products were carefully prepared using state-of-the-art technology with a strong emphasis on clean, natural, organic components to transform a blemish-ridden skin to radiant, glowing skin.


Founded in 2010 by Sameer Iyengar, Vu Nguyen, and Nils Johnson, as its name suggests, Beautylish is a haven for beauty junkies and fanatics. This independent beauty retailer affords customers the rare opportunity to select a wide range of beauty products to cater to their diverse beauty needs. There are also quality products for hair treatment, skincare, and general body wellness from trusted brands to enjoy at pocket-friendly prices. US-based customers enjoy free shipping on all orders above $35.


The internet is a great equalizer in the global beauty and cosmetic industry; it has allowed top beauty independent retailers like Bluemercury, Follaina, and Beautylish to rub shoulders with giant chains having thousands of outlets throughout the world. Available research shows that there are ample opportunities for growth and expansion by independent retailers in the industry.