Top 3 Beauty Independent Distributors

The high cost of obtaining franchise and other forms of licenses from the manufacturers of beauty products has forced many to be independent distributors. 

Apart from allowing businesses to cut cost, independently fix their prices without interference from manufacturers, operating as independent distributors allow businesses to grow at their pace and focus on their core competencies where they have a comparative advantage. 

The United States is replete with thousands of independent beauty distributors, and here is a list of top beauty independent distributors in the US.


Jinny is arguably the largest beauty product distributor in the United States. With over 40,000 beauty products in its warehouse, Jinny has a huge inventory of beauty products to serve a diverse beauty need. Jinny has ten locations scattered across the biggest cities in the country, which allows easy delivery to domestic customers. 

If you are looking for a top independent beauty distributor with a clear consideration for your ethnic and cultural beauty standard, then look no further than Jinny.

Jinny has been serving America’s ethnic minority for the past four decades, and they have only gone better. With a trained professional staff that can communicate fluently in English, French, Spanish and Korean, customer satisfaction is at the core of Jinny’s services, and that is why they rank so high.


Amerikas was essentially conceived by Jose Panalba to serve independent beauty retailers, pharmacies, supermarkets as the major distributor for beauty products from global brands in the United States. Recognized by financial times as one of Americas fastest-growing companies, Amerikas has consistently served beauty supply stores with top-quality perfumes and fragrances, skincare products, and baby care products.

Even if you are not sure of the right product for your business, Amerika’s courteous, friendly and professional staffs are ever ready to help you make the right decision. Insistence on using cutting edge technology and superior business strategy has cemented Amerika’s future as a force to reckon with in America’s beauty and cosmetic industry. A customer needs not to visit their stores in Miami and New York to access Amerika’s premium beauty product distribution services; a simple visit to their website will allow you to make orders.


As its name suggests, SalonCentric’s is an award-winning top-notch beauty independent distributor that focuses more on salon products. SalonCentric boasts of some of the largest inventories of hair products from popular and semi-popular brands in the world. Whether you are looking for skincare products or furnishings to turn the face of your beauty shop around like you’ve got a magic wand SalonCentric is the place to be. Customers enjoy pick-up, same-day delivery, and next-day store delivery on their beauty products.

SalonCentric ranks last but not the least on our top beauty independent distributors in the US because of its rather limited scope of focusing on salon products.


It is no news that the top beauty independent distributors in the US and most of the developed world have moved their operations online, which allows them to service more customers. To reach their full potentials and reap the massive opportunities for growth from online sales, independent beauty distributors must be in firm control of their business logistics.