7 Traits to Look for in a Salesperson

Not all salespeople are created equal. That’s why when looking to hire a top-notch sales team you need to be able to tell apart the good, the bad, and the ugly salesperson. Which begs the question: what makes a great salesperson?

We’ve rounded up 7 proven traits you need to look for when hiring the creme de la creme of sales reps.

1. Has Positive Attitude and Mindset

A great salesperson has a can-do attitude, an optimistic view of things. This a sales professional who knows how to see good in a bad situation. More specifically, most successful salespeople have the conviction that they can help make other people’s lives better or easier. Top producing sales people empathize with customers and look for ways to offer a viable solution to problems affecting them.

2. Has a Strong Storytelling Ability

Aren’t all salespeople storytellers? It so happens that a compelling salesperson can tell a story (even a boring one) in a manner that is concise, engaging, and relevant to the convo. Often used as a use-case, the story should keep the customer emotionally invested and offer value for the time spent listening to it. In other words, a good sales rep must be able to tell an engaging story behind those complicated stats and product descriptions.

3. Has Good Listening Skills

An excellent salesperson is no chatterbox. It is someone who possesses great listening skills. Typically, a great sales rep listens more than he or she speaks. This way, the salesperson can make customers feel heard, and address any of their concerns.

4. Is Not Afraid to Ask for Referrals from Loyal Customers

Referrals are the bread and butter of the sales and marketing teams. They are tomorrow’s growth and today’s potential. As such, a good salesperson is someone who isn’t afraid to reach out to loyal customers and ask for referrals.

5. Is Patient and Has Grit

Powering through a day as a sales representative is no easy joke. Between long travels and being turned down, the whole experience can be overwhelming, if not nerve wrecking. To overcome all these hurdles, the salesperson has to display some sense of patience and grit. He or she should not be ready to give up even after going through rejection after rejection. Simply put, a great salesperson possesses a strong will and drive to win and succeed.

6. Quick Thinker

Sure, everyone can go through a sales script, but a great sales rep should be to think quickly on his or her feet. You see, quick thinking and improvisation can come in handy especially in unpredictable or unique sales situations. A macho sales rep should have no problem handling first-time and difficult clients.

7. Is Ever Curious

Every successful salesperson can tell you the same story: they are hungry for information and have a zeal for learning new tricks and new ideas. And customer loves curious sales rep — they often seem interesting and homey.