How to Differentiate Your Product

If you’re a maker of beauty or skin care products, the chances are that you’re in an already congested market. You must create a product that will stand out in a sea of competition is the key to outperforming everyone. Well, differentiating your product in a market with several different players is no picnic.

Wondering where to start to make sure that your product can set itself apart from the rest? Here are 8 key ways you can differentiate your product, and make it sell like hot cake.

1. Include the origin

It’s been done with coffee, tea, fashion, and just about any packed food item. That’s right; if you want to get more buzz and eyeballs for your product, you can differentiate it by origin. When it comes to skincare or beauty products, you can also feature the origin in the packaging.

You can add: “Proudly Made in Vermont” or “Made in the USA.” Is your product made in a certain region, country, state or territory you can highlight in your product or brand? Whatever it is, including the origin can make your product recognizable instantly.

2. Have a unique logo

While the logo is a basic branding tool, it can also help you differentiate your product from those of your competition. Make sure to do a bang-up job in, ensuring that’s original, refreshing, and easily recognizable.

3. Put more emphasis on your USP

The unique selling proposition (USP) is your brand’s identity you can extend to your products. In fact, you should make a habit of mentioning your USP frequently, especially in your marketing and sales materials. The idea is that having a USP will help differentiate your product and make your brand stand out.

4. Leverage innovation

Innovation allows you to accentuate your product’s best benefits and features. What does your product have to offer customers that your competition doesn’t? That’s what you should capitalize on to make your product stand out.

5. Differentiate your product/brand by price

If you are going to set your product apart using the price, you want to be either the premium brand or the low-cost provider. Do you want to be Southwest or American Airlines of beauty industry?

6. Capitalize on a particular niche

Ask yourself: what’s the single most important segment that you can position your product as the dominant? Do you want to be the king of anti-acne or a moisturized skin? Either way, you need to exploit the niche and become the authority in it.

7. Leverage customer service

A recent study has shown that consumers are willing to pay top-dollar for a fabulous experience or compelling customer service. If you want to go down this road, you want to set your brand as the gold standard for positive experience and customer service.

8. Differentiate by packaging

If you want people to notice your product at a glance, you want to bring your A-game when it comes to designing the packaging. Use distinctive images, font, and color scheme so that your customers can recognize your product without much hassle.