6 Ways to Rejuvenate on the Weekend

A long hard workweek can leave you spent. Use these 6 tips to refresh and renew over the weekend.

1. Keep exercising                      

When you take up an exercise, make sure it’s something you like to do. That way you won’t avoid it on the weekends. If you desire a change, sign up for another activity for the weekend, like Zumba or belly dancing classes. Try cycling or hiking outdoors for some extra rejuvenation. Make ‘staying fit’ an enjoyable part of your life so that you don’t feel the need to escape it on holidays.

2. Stay away from excuses

Yes, it’s your weekly off and you’re throwing caution to the wind, trying out everything in the buffet, mixing cocktails and indulging in dessert paradise! But did you know that it takes your body double the time and effort to digest the goodies that you have stuffed yourself with? So if you feast on Sunday, it’s no wonder you’re feeling lethargic and worn out on Monday. Indulge on Friday night or Saturday lunch. Follow this with an active Sunday picnic or hike. Feel the difference the following day.

3. Spend time with the kids

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than watching kids play. Their innocence and light-heartedness is contagious. So spend some time with them and plan a family game or outing together. It’ll surely take your mind off all your stress.

4. Don’t stay up too late

It is tempting to keep late nights on weekends and with friends coming over, etc., it’s sometimes unavoidable. But this can lead to exertion, especially after a hard week’s work. So plan your weekend nights out a little earlier so that you get to spend adequate time with friends and family without breaking your routine. And ensure you are getting your required 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

5. De-clutter and organize

Do you come home on Friday only to be faced with clutter? It’s not only unsightly but also a reminder of your disorganization and lack of personal time. Sometimes it seems impossible to find the time to clean and organize that gigantic stack of papers, mail, or laundry, but the weekend is the perfect time to set aside a few hours to clear the mess. It may seem like work, but something as simple as organizing the files on your desk can reset your mind come Monday. Clean something big and you’ll feel accomplished and relieved. You might even find something important you had been looking for.

6. Read an inspiring book.

How many books do you have sitting on your shelves that are still unread? Many people acquire great books with the best intentions of actually consuming what is written in them, but then fall behind in actually getting them read. Many of these great books can be read in a weekend. Find some good light, a comfortable chair, and dig in. You can be entertained and inspired and actually learn something.