How Mobile Technology Development May Impact Your Business

Independent retailers can stand to gain immensely from mobile technology developments. Hailed as the next big thing in the business space, mobile technology development can transform every aspect of your day to day activities, from how you do customer service to how you convert leads and everything in-between. In fact, those businesses that aren’t going to adopt mobile technology in the next few years will find themselves between a rock and hard place.

No matter how you look at it, mobile technology has changed the face of business, with skin care and beauty industry at the forefront. It has enabled employees to stay on top of communication, collaborate, and even get work done on the go. Of course, this mobile technology development may impact on your business in one more than one way. How so?

Allows You to Connect and Engage with your Customers Better

Mobile technology has enabled businesses to connect and get closer to their customers in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago. With this technology, you can invite your customers to partake in exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions with a simple click. What’s more — customers can now tap & pay thanks to mobile wallets.

With several different mobile technologies and capabilities hitting the market, businesses can market their brands, interact with customers, and drive sales more than ever before. From email to social media to payment, mobile technology is making it easier to engage with the customer on every touchpoint.

Enables You to Scale and Grow your Business Faster

In the age of social media, mobile-first technology developments have enabled entrepreneurs to start businesses at far much cheaper costs. Mobile payments, interaction tools, and collaboration resources allow you to grow and scale your business in a matter of months instead of years.

Don’t believe us? A recent research from investment consulting firm CB Insights shows that it currently costs an average of $4,450 to launch a small to medium-sized business, as opposed to $4.5 million in 2000 (read: pre-mobile technology era). Remember the key to making a start-up successful is faster scaling, and anything that can remove hurdles to that is crucial.

Go International Faster

Mobile technology apps such as Google Drive, PayPal. Slack, Facebook, and more can half the amount of time and effort needed to take a new business globally. Unlike in 2003-2009 period when it could take up to 41 months for a business to go international, you now need less than 6 months, or even sooner.

Improved Communication

Here’s a no-brainer way mobile technology can impact your business. As you may already know, effective communication is the key to running a successful independent retailer. Mobile messaging services like Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc can help your employees keep in touch 24/7. Even better, such mobile technologies offer an incredibly effective way to stay in touch with your clients, partners, and customers alike.

Offers Flexibility that Boosts Employee Morale

39 percent of employees say that the ability to work from anywhere at any time is the single-most important factor to staying satisfied at a job. As such, mobile technology can help with employee retention and motivation.

Saves you Time and Money

Mobile technology not only cuts down start-up costs, but also the time and money needed for everyday operations.

Advances in mobile technology impacts on the business space in myriads of ways. It boosts employee morale, saves money, facilitates communication, and improves customer service.