And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Marketing a hair care product is not as easy as it sounds. This is due to the numerous hair care products that pervade the market. Lots of big brands come out with hair care products and they market it in line with a well structured marketing strategy. Tips on how to market hair care products will be given subsequently.

Advertisement: this is prerequisite; without advertisement, the average hair care product user wouldn’t know about a particular product. Advertisement can be done on social media or mass media. The social media advertisement is very helpful as it can get to millions for just a little fee. The over one billion users on Facebook can be directly advertised to. Mass media can also be very helpful as several people who may shun the social media may be reached via this platform. For instance, a billboard which could be digital, electronic or normal can reach thousands of pedestrians, motorists and many other road users in a day.

Identify with models and celebrities: models and celebrities are social influencers – they have a strong effect on fans. A hair care brand can work to get a celebrity identify with the brand and this would give exponential sales to the product. The hair care product, if used in a movie or seen in a celebrity’s collection, can help sell that product fast. For instance, a pop singer that gets a million views for a video in hours can pitch the hair care product in hours to millions. The popular brands use this method.

Hair blog or vlog: a blog is an online platform where hair care tips can be given out. A hair care product manufacturer must draw customers by showing care and concern about their hair. It could also be via a vlog. A vlog is a video channel where the producer can interact with present and prospective customers. Via these platforms, the products can be advertised and suggested as solutions to hair infections or as suitable for several hair types or styles. 

Trade shows: trade shows are wonderful events to exhibit products and interact with present and prospective customers. At a trade show, a hair care product manufacturer can introduce people to his products; he can tell them the benefit his product has to offer and his great price. A trade show is always an opportunity to network with distributors and retailers. At this event, new customer relationship is created and the mailing list is enlarged for direct marketing. 

The social media: a very effective way of pushing a product to millions is via social media. Facebook has, arguably, over a billion users and utilizing these social media platforms can help boost the popularity of the hair care business. The hair care business can have a platform on YouTube or Instagram where hair care tips can be given by dermatologists and this would help generate millions of users for this skin care business. 

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