And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

A tradeshow is a product exhibition show. It is that event where a manufacturer, a retailer or any person with something to sell gets to exhibit that product. When a company starts producing a product or introduces a new service, one of the ways the new product or service is introduced into the market is its exhibition at a tradeshow. At a tradeshow, potential buyers and those looking at connecting with producers and retailers walk around the exhibition stands to have personal looks and strike networking interactions or just buy the products. 

A twist that can occur with most trade shows is that a trade show may be market inclined. This means the trade show may be about something like snacks and packaged foods; beauty products and display of beauticians’ craft; etc. What mostly happens in situations like this is that a supermarket goes to a trade show to meet potential suppliers – it could be suppliers of packaged foods or any products. From these trade shows, samples are taken and agreements made. 

Five marketing ideas that can work at a trade show would be subsequently highlighted. 

  1. Draw attention via competitions and qualification draws: having to get attendees at a trade show requires causing a little “stir”. By this, competitions can be organised where attendees can participate and win prizes. The prizes that could be given out could be some of the products of the company or something that would really attract people.
  2. Launch a new product: manufacturers can use this method to draw people and attention at a trade show. Launching a new product with the events attached could help to draw people to the stand to check out the product or any existing product of the company. Launching a new product is usually a big deal and doing it in an event like this could help draw not only attendees but media attention. 
  3. Promotional sales: virtually everyone loves to get value for a little less. The manufacturer could leverage on this to pitch the product. Having people get the product at a very affordable price is a big way of getting sales. With the event that the producer is exhibiting, getting a promotional sale is easy and returns on this can be harvested for years. Promotional sales like discounts, price slashes, additional units on bulk sales, and so many others could be used to attract attendees.
  4. Notifying attendees of your presence at the trade show: before the trade show, mails could be sent out to registered attendees of the manufacturer’s or retailer’s presence at the trade show and the offers that would be available to them at the event. This would go a long way in preparing the minds of the attendees on checking out what is on stock.
  5. Appreciating patronage with souvenirs: people love free stuffs. Seeing others get a freebie from visiting a stand would also make them want to visit the stand to check the products out. 

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