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About Zadro Mirrors

“The Mirror is a beauty essential used by every single person, every single day.”

For over 30 years, Zadro Products Inc. has been a leading innovator in the Personal Care Industry, engineering and designing a broad array of Lighted and non-lighted Vanity, Travel, Fogless and Wall Mount Mirrors marketed worldwide. Over the years, Zadro has maintained a flawless reputation for providing its consumers with Mirrors & Personal Care Accessories that build self-confidence by helping them to look & feel more attractive every day.

Currently, Zadro holds over fifty engineering and design patents, in addition to having received numerous product design awards. Zadro Products, Inc. is the only company in the Industry that manufactures “Made in the USA” Mirrors. Zadro’s 65,000 sq foot warehouse and Corporate Headquarters, located in Huntington Beach, CA. houses a manufacturing facility that produces over 60 products. Additionally, Zadro’s team maintains a 99% compliance and fulfillment rate.

Stunning designs, innovative technologies and quality that can withstand even the toughest of daily use are what make Zadro products a cut above the rest.”

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