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About Uplift Provisions Co.

Getting the opportunity to turn things around for good is not something that happens to everyone, but Rocco Danieli isn’t one to give up. As a Master Barber and the company’s mastermind, Rocco built the foundation for Uplift Provisions Company while overcoming one of life’s greatest difficulties. Addicted to alcohol, Rocco experienced a horrific car accident in 2017 that resulted in severe injuries. Fortunately, this awful accident became the catalyst for change that Rocco ultimately needed, which sparked the beginnings of Uplift.

Determined to live a healthier, more positive lifestyle, Rocco scrutinized all aspects of his life including the products he frequently used. As a Barber and Co-Owner of Over the Top Barbershop, he was frustrated with the product-lines available in the market with the same ol’ heavy scents, synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, and potentially harmful ingredients. Rocco channeled this frustration into a positive force for researching and developing new formulations with clean and simple ingredients. What began in a hot pot, in his kitchen, has morphed into a full-scale manufacturing operation in New Hampshire, after partnering with Rocco’s long-standing client and friend Steve Presti and his wife, Kelly.

Uplift Provisions Company now offers an assortment of hairstyling and personal care products suitable for men, women and kids. The unisex product line is handcrafted in small batches with Uplift’s signature scent, a light, refreshing, and energizing combination of Peppermint + Lime essential oils to inspire users to conquer the day ahead. All products are easy-to-use and water-based, with no heavy residues left on the hair or skin after washing, a key component to the product line’s success.

While Uplift Provisions Company has experienced significant growth over the past few years, the team behind the company remains passionate about giving back. Uplift was built upon the foundation of facing life’s deal of hardships and heartbreaks. We believe in facing all those challenges head-on and facing them together as a community of like-minded individuals with strength and positivity. Hence, a portion of all sales is donated to The Family Restored, a non-profit organization, in New England, dedicated to helping those afflicted by addiction and their families. On a personal level, Rocco continues to help recovering addicts as an Independent Facilitator at both Meta Addiction Treatment Center in North Reading, MA and Banyan Treatment Center in Wilmington, MA. He teaches Mindfulness and Meditation classes for those chasing long-term sobriety.

Uplift’s mission is fueled by passion to have you inspired to crush the day, every day – looking and feeling your best while doing it!

Following are the tools to help you do so:
Signature Pomade: Our strongest all-day hold, the Signature Pomade gives you the freedom to crush the day without worrying about your hair. Incredibly versatile, you’ve just found your new ‘daily driver’. Put it on with damp hands and hair to achieve that classic pomade “Greaser” look of the 60s, or put it on dry for a more matte, pliable hold. The Signature Pomade is also great for use in mustaches and beards.

Styling Compound: The same formula as our Signature Pomade, with added Kaolin Clay and Beeswax for increased pliability and a more matte finish. Perfect for those who love to run their hands through their hair and tweak their style throughout the day. Also, great for taming curls.

Texture Dust: Our Texture Dust adds texture and volume to your hair, regardless of your hair type. The pump sprayer is easy-to-use and perfect for aiming the dust directly at your hair roots. For even more height, add a few pumps of product to your hair and then use the heat from a hair dryer to create even more lift. Made with water-based formula to ensure easy-use and easy-washout.

Hair + Body Wash: Aloe-Vera enriched Hair + Body Wash gently cleanses hair, revives scalp, and moisturizes body. Consciously-sourced ingredients including Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, add moisture and shine and make hair softer and more manageable. Perfect for daily use and all hair types.

Clear Shave Gel: Enriched with soothing plant extracts to leave skin hydrated and velvety soft, Uplift’s water-based formula is easy-to-use and won’t gum up your razor blade. The formulation is fortified with arnica to help mitigate any razor burn. Spirulina contributes to a brighter complexion and cactus extract helps to retain moisture leaving the skin looking and feeling more hydrated. The clear formula is perfect for achieving clean lines and avoiding any natural markings.

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