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About U.S. Standard Brands Inc

Clean Shampoo | Clean Conditioner | Clean Body Wash

Minimal ingredients.

All products are made of different formulations and ph levels of the same ingredients.
all 16oz bottles

No Sulfates. No parabens. No PEG, No DEA

No Artificial dyes or Fragrances

Hypoallergenic & pH-Balanced

Coconut oil derived cleanser: mild and safe natural cleansing power
Soft Clean Cotton derived conditioning agents
Green Tea oil extract provides rich antioxidants and helps prevent sun damage
Sea Kelp for natural nutrition and hydration
Lavender oil extract for natural soothing properties

Clean Shampoo with calming eucalyptus and lavender gently cleanses and moisturizes, never stripping hair of essential oils and nutrients. Hair is left smooth, refreshed and silky with maximum volume day after day. Color safe for all hair and Skin types.
Biodegradabale. Eco Friendly. Never Tested on animals. marine safe.

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