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The Truly Natural Company

Committed to a patented, plant-to-product process, we organically grow our Aloe Vera, harvest the plants by hand, and immediately use the inner fillet to create our products. Our Dutch-engineered machines ensure we preserve the active substances in the Aloe Vera gel.

Containing 200 potentially active constituents, all our products help promote healthy, glowing skin and optimal internal wellness. The consistency in quality, carefully selected key ingredients, and noticeable results with our customers are primary reasons why our products have a high rate of repurchase.

Made safe, we are regulated and meet the rigorous EU Cosmetic Regulation Standards. We offer transparency and truth in labeling while maintaining the ability and willingness to adapt our formulations as new information emerges and the market changes. Our facility is Certified in Good Manufacturing Practices, and complies with ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 standards to ensure consistent quality with each batch. Aligning with our environmental commitment, we also achieved Minimum Sustainability Standards (MSS) in our country

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