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About Pintwist

Tara Mosley, president of LOL-OMG-LLC invents better products for everyday living by solving problems to make life happier like the Pintwist®. Pintwist® hair pins are 4.6 inches and 3 inches in length designed and patented to hold a more copious quantity of hair in one twist. They are a universal brown color that hides inside any twist of hair and in any direction that allow more styles to be achieved with salon pro results in seconds.

If you twist up, you pin down. If you twist left, you pin right and if you twist down, you pin up! Taking the place of ugly plastic clips and other sloppy methods, Pintwist® hides neatly, securely and comfortably because of the curve and won’t let go because of the pinch and capture feature. What this means for the professional, more money can be made retailing the Pintwist® 4 pack as a DIY to their client for everyday use and the stylist can achieve better and extremely faster results on a special occasion updo appointment. It’s the first hair pinning method that allows you to pin first and then style.

If you can twist it, you can pin it.

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