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About Perfect Image LLC

Our founder, David, struggled with acne from his teens into young adulthood. He personally experienced frustration during the constant trial and error process. Between limited access to affordable, professional-strength products and disappointing over- the-counter options, product after product failed to deliver.

David eventually had graduated from college with a chemistry degree and was looking for employment, it was then, that he was introduced to the world of chemical peels and their clarifying skin benefits.

With a $600 loan from his mom, David set out to create various types of peels that were professional grade and could be applied at home. He recognized that with the right products, education, and support, people could be doing their own at-home peels, and experiencing real results (without the hefty price tag!). Having faced the limitations of the skincare industry himself, he wanted to share this as an option for people who struggled with skin concerns. Shortly after, Perfect Image was born.

Perfect Image is a small business, minority brand that has compassion for those who struggle with low self esteem and poor self image. We believe confidence in your skin gives you the freedom to be your true self , and that millions of people suffer from skin concerns, which can lead to depression & suicide. Our goals are to see people break free, and not be held back from the worries of their skin.

Our unique process, uses higher concentrations of ingredients that have been proven effective in studies. We do not believe in label claims, so we use percentages that are effective. Through research, we handpick each ingredient when designing a product and incorporate many natural plant and botanical extracts for their range of benefiting properties depending on what skin concerns the product is designed to target. We do not use, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and products are cruelty-free. We have developed a unique way that allows users to perform these at-home peels, safely from the comfort of their homes, bringing an exciting spa experience to their front doors!

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