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About HBL Trade, LLC

HBL TRADE, LLC goal is to make natural and organic products affordable to all customers.

To ensure that our products are competitive with the same high quality, we collaborate with partners who share our vision:

  • Provide organic and natural products in full compliance with the international cosmetics regulations by using raw material sourced locally, certified USDA organic and registered FDA at competitive prices
  • Able to deliver the customer by using the most convenient and competitive shipping solution available

We, HBL TRADE, LLC and our partners, pride ourselves by promoting Moroccan rural women: Buying directly the raw material from rural women guarantee them a fair income and give them the opportunity to increase their independence.

Our products:

  • 30ml and 50ml cosmetics Argan oil and Prickly pear seeds oil: 100% organic, cold pressed and bottled in amber dropper bottle.
  • 100% handmade and 96% naturally derived ingredients Glycerin Argan oil and Glycerin Prickly pear seeds oil soap presented in box of two pieces total weight 120g e2.11oz

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