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About Grades and Colors

Grades and Colors is a registered (pending) trademark in North America under the parent company EAST AMERICAN TRADES & ECOMMERCE COMPANY INC. We specialize in natural and vegan cosmetic products. All our products are manufactured in Canada following FDA guidelines with the highest quality ingredients ensuring that each product is perfect before it ships out.

Our clients should have the opportunity to boost their grandeur by making use of natural and vegan products. In today’s world as people’s preferences are inclined more towards awareness and usage of trustworthy products, we are here to offer a wide variety of over 300+ makeup, skincare products and brushes to fit all needs.

If you are looking for make up that will not do any harm to your skin then Grades & Colors is the right choice as our cosmetics are formulated without harmful ingredients. All the ingredients in these products are pre-approved by Health Canada, so you can be sure they’re safe to use.

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