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About Endure Beauty

Endure™ Beauty, founded by Nikki Huebner, is modernizing and broadening the horizons of the Lash Industry as it currently stands and continuing to hit the organic beauty market with rapid growth. Her innovative organic products, such as Endurelash® Organic Eyelash Cloths, and the Endure™ Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads, are add on products that have shown to increase the hygiene, maintenance and luxury of the lash extension service in general, as well as add increased revenue to the accomplished Lash Artist today! Also, her clean beauty philosophy is captivating the organic beauty markets, even women’s fashion boutiques, spas & hair salons!

The heart and soul behind the Endure™ Beauty Brand are the charitable aspects. Nikki lost a daughter in a tragic accident back in 2010. So, her true-life mission is to give back HOPE through, Chyler’s Family Room Projects, an extension of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Her dual-purpose creations now dominate the organic skincare world and will always create a more luxurious and safer alternative lash extension consumer experience. Endure beauty, organic with an edge!

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