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About Chic Cosmetic Industries

“Chic” was established over 30 years ago and has since been a major player in the Israeli cosmetics market. In addition to the extremely wide portfolio of branded and PL products we can offer – face and body care, toiletries, skin care, nail care, etc. we also manufacture a very unique line of deodorants – some of which are effective for up to 7 days in a single application – aluminum, alcohol and paraben free. We maintain our own R&D labs giving us the versatility needed to adapt our products to customer specifications – ideal for PL and/or exclusive brands for retailers. Exploiting the benefits of natural ingredients abundant in our area we can offer the following unique brands:

• Canaan –the name of ancient Israel offers Dead Sea products in two packaging variations, with slightly different product mixes. The “Canaan” Skincare Series, has successfully harnessed the bountiful ingredients mined from the Dead Sea in the formulation of a premier quality line of cosmetic products. The driving force behind our entire line of products is the CSE Complex ™ which combines health-inducing Dead Sea minerals known for their medicinal value and powerful plant extracts indigenous to this captivating region. Canaan is a complete face and body care line offering anti-age face care on the one hand and pampering Dead Sea Spa products, on the other.

• Zagora– A face and hair care series exploiting the benefits of rich natural oils and extracts. Zagora uses pure natural ingredients valued for centuries by traditional cultures worldwide. Our formulations are the result of extensive research in our advanced laboratories. The result: The JAS Organic Complex containing Moroccan Argan Oil, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil – all organically grown, delivering the benefits of nature’s never-ending generosity.

• 24/7 – offers a range of skincare solutions that help our complexion resist aging, while enabling skin to appear radiant and protected. It is formulated with tomato and cranberry seed extracts that are the source of lycopene, a protective anti-oxidant compound that has been shown to help improve skin functioning. 24/7 also features high performance, botanically based components including: Vitamin E for anti – oxidant protection against the environment; and Omegas 3 and 6 – fatty acids that help maintain the skin’s moisture level and elasticity. The result is a perfect balance of active ingredients, scientifically blended and precisely adjusted to the skin’s specific needs and today’s modern lifestyle. The healing vigor of nature is used to maximize the skin’s well-being.

• Galilee Herbs – The formulations of Galilee Herbs create a perfect balance between ancient wisdom and advanced technology. The blend uses naturally grown plants which are readily found in Israel’s Galilee area – Sage, Chamomile, Rosemary coupled with additional beneficial extracts to provide highly effective face care products. In addition to the face care products, the line offers shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Please check out our full range of products – these are just a few of the many beauty care products we can offer.

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