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About Beauty Nut Inc.

  Our story begins in the magical land of Morocco, nestled on the northwestern tip of Africa, just south of the Mediterranean Sea, separated from the rest of the continent by the towering Atlas Mountains and by the sandy wide expanses of the Sahara desert. Morocco is uniquely blessed with the very special gift of Argan Oil.

“I founded Beauty Nut in order to share the unique, pure, USDA-certified organic Argan oil with the rest of the world. By connecting local producers to a global audience, we will enrich the lives of those who produce the oil and enhance the beauty of the women who use Beauty Nut products. With Beauty Nut, I wanted to dedicate myself to building a global beauty brand that truly focuses on quality products and social good in order to help women love their beauty and to build a legacy to be proud of.”

Beauty Nut is committed to manufacturing quality products, offering the highest caliber of clean and cruelty-free Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil directly from Morocco. Our philosophy is to empower everyone and inspire all to love their natural beauty both inside and out.

Beauty Nut will continue to encourage social responsibility and social good by buying directly from local producers in Morocco and donating 10% of our net profits back to the community.

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