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About Bag Smart

Whether traveling around the globe, across the country, or down the street.people want to have memorable experiences and to do so with ease. That’s where the Bagsmart Bag comes in.
This one-and-done bag ensures travelers have everything they need for every situation and destination.The bag’s durability and unmatched capacity keep items protected, organized, and accessible-with nothing left behind due to space limitations.
The key strategy is enhancing the usefulness and convenience of bagsmart bags. Through the ethos of the experience, travelers say they’re looking for most: relaxation, adventure, and rejuvenation.
We’ll show that with the bagsmart bag in hand, the destination is always organized-no matter where you’re going next.

Founder story

Packing for a trip can be the ultimate struggle. As a self-proclaimed globetrotter, I’ve suffered through too many messy suitcase disasters to count. Once, on a flight to Miami, I opened my suitcase to find my clothes covered in shattered perfume and tangled wires. Not exactly the beach look I was going for. That’s when I realized the importance of travel storage and founded BAGSMART.

My goal is to make organized storage a part of everyone’s life, whether you’re a student, commuter, or married mom… With a wide range of storage bags, from toiletry to electronic, I want to make sure everyone’s luggage is orderly so they can travel and live smoothly.

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