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About Appalachian Botanical Co,

We produce world-class aromatherapy, body care and beard care products that contain the highest quality botanical ingredients. We specialize in body creams, oils that that moisturize and mists that refresh; beard and scalp oil, cream and balm that hydrate and nourish; and a line of Due South products (creams, mist and cleanser) that provide superior intimate personal grooming. Our products are GMO and pesticide free and are 100% made in West Virginia.

We sell direct to consumer via our website and Amazon, and to retailers and wholesalers through Faire, RangeMe, and other ecommerce platforms. We’ve shipped DTC in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our products are available in a wide variety of retail locations, including grocery stores, general stores, wellness centers and boutiques. Consumers and retailers alike consistently compliment us on our product quality, presentation, and packaging.

Our target female demographic is aged 24-55+. A conscious consumer of high quality, healthy, and environmentally and socially responsible products, she purchases for herself, family, and friends. She enjoys travel and the outdoors and often enjoys outdoor recreational activities. Our target male demographic is aged 30+. He’s increasingly willing to spend more on products that will be better for his beard and body, and will help him feel more confident about how he looks and smells.

In addition to creating exceptional products, we also create economic opportunity and positive community impact. We’re committed to providing “second chance” jobs that enable individuals to overcome barriers to traditional employment and live and work in their home communities. Appalachian Botanical Co. is a women-owned small business that is proud to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity in the heart of Appalachia.

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