10 Productivity Apps You Should Know About

In today’s ever-busy and stressful world, pulling through a workday may seem like solving a Rubik’s Cube. But, if you are looking to boost your workday productivity, your Android smart device can come in handy. There are a ton of productivity Android apps available either for free or at a small fee.

Away from 5-star rating, these 10 best Android apps do actually work like a charm, and will help you take your workday productivity to a whole new level.

1. Mood O’Clock

Ever woke up feeling cranky and moody? We have all been there. But, Mood O’Clock is poised to change that. With the ability to set the song you want to wake up to, Mood O’Clock enables you to start your day on the right foot.

2. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle takes waking up to a whole new and exciting level. With it, you’re bound to wake up the right way. It tracks your sleeping behavior, analysing your turns and other movements using your smartphone sensors. This way, Sleep Cycle can wake you up at the most opportune time.

3. Dropbox’s Mailbox

Dropbox has made a foray into the world of managing email overload. Mailbox by Dropbox is a formidable app, available from both App Store and Play Store. With it, reading, prioritising, archiving, deleting, and responding to email is effortlessly easy. And that isn’t all. You can append your emails to to-do lists without any hassle. It also has a snooze option that lets you schedule emails for the right moment.

4. RescueTime (Android)

RescueTime monitors your minute by minute work pattern. It runs in the background on your smartphone and computer, taking note of the time you spend on various websites and applications. In the end, it sends you daily and weekly detailed reports. This way, you can pinpoint time wasters. Even better, RescueTime block distracting sites like Facebook.

5. Weather Flow

Getting the weather forecast is part of a sound workday plan. Weather Flow, an Android and Windows Phone app, offers an elegant hour-to-hour weather outlook, allowing you to prepare your workday without any hitch.

6. Inrix Traffic & Parkme

If you drive to work, these apps are truly a slice of heaven. Inrix Traffic maps out the best route to and from work, ditching areas prone to heavy traffic and road blocks. On its side, Parkme helps you find the right spot to park your car.

7. Doit.im

Organizing your to-do list has never been this easy and comfy. Available for iOS, Android and Web, Doit.im helps you create an intuitive to-do list, with the ability to sync all your tasks across your gadgets.

8. WPS Office Suite

WPS Office is a must-have you are always on the go, and need to view, edit or share PDF, word, excel spreadsheets, and presentations.

9. Microsoft Office 365

Just like WPS Office, Microsoft Office 365 bring together office productivity apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Note.

10. Google Drive

This Google productivity app rounds up all its G Suite apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, and so on under one umbrella.

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